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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Stats Summary

Gardener level183
Gardener cash2,972,046 CC
Number of gardens5
Play time560d 15h 40m (VP Time)
Photos taken139
Cards scanned11
Highest value PinataBonboon (811,785 CC)
Total Pinatas unlocked109
Highest value garden169,982 CC
Awards received696
Total crates sent6
Total crates received4

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Stats Blowout

General Stats

Gardener level183
Gardener cash2,972,046 CC
Play time560d 15h 40m (VP Time)
Photos taken139
Awards received696
Awards left145

Current Garden Stats

Pinatas in garden8
Props in garden14
Helpers in garden1
Percentage of grass0
Percentage of long grass0
Percentage of water0
Percentage of soil0
Percentage of snow0.8365483
Percentage of sand0
Percentage of locked land0

Garden Stats

Number of gardens5
Number of JFF gardens0
Highest value garden169,982 CC
Most Pinatas in a garden36
Most Props in a garden55
Most Helpers in a garden8
Pinarctic Visits12
Dessert Desert Visits8

Pinata Stats

Total Pinatas unlocked109
Highest value PinataBonboon (811,785 CC)
Most prominent PinataWhirlm (Resided 81 times)
Largest Pinata familyGoobaa (Raisant2 Pinatas)
Current largest Pinata familyGoobaa (31 Pinatas)
Most travelled PinataSparrowmint (13246.99 piñometers)
Oldest Pinata29542d 2h 12m (VP Time)
Challenges completed113
Pinatas sent to parties265
Tricks learnt69
Tricks performed187
Variants created178
Variants discovered149
Evolutions created107
Evolutions discovered12
Pinatas scared234
Things eaten5,424
Longest walk until romanceFudgehog
Longest walk until fight1843.35
Pinatas named45
Pinatas sold649
Wool produced17
Milk produced47
Honey produced68
Pinatas watered253
Pinatas hit by spade331
Pinatas poked by spade10
Pinatas smashed27
Sour Pinatas smashed in credits1

Romance Stats

Total romances511
Most prominent romancer30
Pinatas hatched551
Twins hatched50
Wildcards hatched121
Twin wildcards hatched27

Illness Stats

Total sick Pinatas259
Sickness due to poisoning8
Sickness due to trampling0
Sickness due to spading27
Sickness due to trapping83
Sickness due to overcrowding1
Sickness due to unhappiness0
Sickness due to bad sweets26
Sickness due to fighting114
Sickness due to The Guardians0
Healed Pinatas136

Plant Stats

Trees grown65
Plants grown1,444
Vegetables grown293
Weeds grown154

Helper Stats

Produce harvested by Harvester98
Plants watered by Sprinkling260
Weeds weeded by Weedling0
Weeding mistakes1
Items found by miners112
Helpers tipped35 (34,855 CC)
Helpers hit with spade36
Helpers watered11
Ruffians bribed107 (53,509 CC)
Ruffians hit with spade237
Ruffians watered2

Multiplayer Stats

Time online0d 5h 24m (Real time)
Time online with 4-players0d 2h 11m (Real time)
Longest session online0d 1h 25m (Real time)
Time couching0d 3h 0m (Real time)
Online sessions19
Offline sessions39
Sessions joined6
Session visitors4
Couch socialers2

Competition Stats

Pinata Paperchases completed16
Pinata Paperchases won11
P-Factors completed33
P-Factors won15

Golf Stats

Sweets hit89
Sweets holed16
Long shots holed1
Longest shot holed4.35 pinometers

Pinata Vision Stats

Cards scanned11
Pinatas scanned11
Trees scanned0
Plants scanned0
Seeds scanned0
Eggs scanned0
Pests scanned0
Wildcards scanned1
Variants scanned1
Time warps scanned0
Weather changes scanned0
Biggest balance scanned0 CC
Biggest credit scanned0 CC
Most valuable card scanned18,000 CC
Ruffians summoned0
Yellow cards shown0
Red cards shown0
Cutscenes watched0

Crate Stats

Total crates sent6
Total crates sent to self274
Total crates received4
Traps triggered0
Pinatas unpacked226
Trees unpacked0
Plants unpacked0
Seeds unpacked0
Eggs unpacked0
Pests unpacked3
Wildcards unpacked38
Variants unpacked45
Biggest credit unpacked0 CC
Most valuable card unpacked573,344 CC