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Trouble in Paradise

An unsupported test sweet

Unsupported cards feature items that were only meant to be available for in-house use by developers. These cards may show a "SOLD AS SEEN USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!" stamp on the card, or contain -Unsupported as part of the card's image name.

Since the retail game may not include information about some of these items, the item may crash the game (e.g., this disc is unreadable) if you do anything that causes the game to attempt to retrieve non-existent details. In general, actions you should avoid include:

  • Selling the item,
  • crating the item, or
  • viewing the item in the Journal.

Specific details about what to avoid may be found at each item's image article.

In addition to the developer cards, other unsupported cards include generated cards that are the result of the Piñata Vision barcode project.

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