Tending your plants

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  • Fertilizers make your plants and trees grow much faster and larger. There are seven different colored fertilizers, which are red, yellow, blue, green, brown, orange and purple; which you can purchase from Costalots General Store. There is also a special mix fertilizer which you can purchase Ivor Bargain. Generally the fertilizer you need is the same color as the plant you want to fertilize, e.g. yellow fertilizer for the banana tree.
  • Trees, unlike plants, cannot just be dosed with fertilizer as soon as you buy them. The oak tree is a good example of this, just making it grow more x1 is hard. You must wait until the tree grows a bit, say half it's full size and sprinkle the fertilizer right beside it on the ground instead of directly onto the tree. The one pour wonder watering can from Ivor Bargain is a VERY helpful asset when completing bonus growth achievements.

Use your Shovel

  • If you use your shovel to dig a hole to plant your seed in, your plant will grow much faster.
  • You can also use your shovel to tap a tree or bush and fruit will drop off. Doing this will make more fruit grow sooner. Be careful, any unripe fruit will fall to the ground and break.

Other Tips

  • When it rains you don't need to water your plants as they will already be wet from the rain. However, make sure that plants are watered regularly until they are fully grown.
  • Over-watering your plants can actually be good! Using the One Pour Wonder watering can (the highest upgrade) and the help of a Sprinkling. Water your plants with the One Pour Wonder and then have the Sprinkling water the plant. It will over water the plant, however this status will never change and once the plant matures it will stay blue. These blue plants are actually worth more money than regularly watered plants! And if you use fertilizer they are worth even more. And the plants with flowers will have different colored flowers as a result, making them worth more money too!
  • Ruffians attack the buds that grow on your trees. The buds grow into new branches on your tree. So when a bud is attacked by a Ruffian that branch will not grow.
  • When planting your seeds you should take into account the size of the plant. The bigger the plant the larger amount of space that it needs to grow, e.g. Oak trees need a lot of space to grow and daisies only need a small space.