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The Bird and Bear Statue depicting Banjo-Kazooie

One way to decorate your garden is with statues. Statues include a Dastardos Scarer, and the Bird and Bear Statue. Other items that may constitute as statues are the Birdbath, Fish Fountain, Sundial and the Swan Fountain

Statues can be bought from Costolot's Store as well as Ivor Bargain's as you level up.

Certain statues offer various effects other than just looking nice and adding garden value. For instance, the Dastardos Scarer keeps Dastardos away from your ill piñata for longer, providing you with more time to call a Doctor.

Statues available
Statue Price Available
at level
Bird and Bear
462 15
Birdbath 330 11
2,310 25
Fish Fountain 330 12
Sundial 66 14
Swan Fountain 616 27