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Quickly create and scan your own custom Piñata Vision cards. It's easy with PV Creator!

"Awesome. Custom pinatas at the drop of an iHat." -- James Thomas, Viva Piñata Software Engineer
"It's a fantastic app and we consider it to be an essential download that no piñata fan can be without!" -- Rareware Archives

New for version 2.0

  • Supports the new iPhone 5.
  • Showcases stunning garden designs from members of the Viva Piñata community.
  • Includes over 400 additional instantly reusable cards for items such as plants, produce, and props (including the popular amber gem card).
  • Localized to support French, German, and Spanish, in addition to English.

Other features

  • New variant colors let you create exclusive solid-color pinatas, or even ill-looking "zombies."
  • Exclusive egg card feature now lets you hatch custom variant pinatas and wildcards that bear your tag!
  • Pinata name feature now lets you add pinata names to player-created cards.
  • All created cards are free to use, and immediately reusable. You never have to wait to rescan a card again!
  • Over 3000 possible variant color and wildcard trait combinations.
  • Based on the same technology that the Piñata Vision barcode project has used to discover hundreds of new cards. This self-contained app now lets you create your own custom cards and enjoy all-new colors, wherever you are. No internet connection required!


Get the app from the iTunes App Store. (Link opens in iTunes.)


Stay in touch at twitter.com: @pinatavision


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