My Pal Langston

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4KidsTV video

"My Pal Langston" is the eighth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It is scheduled to air in North America on October the 6, 2007.


Fergy’s tired of hiding from Langston to keep from being sent to parties, so Paulie and he devise a plan to get Langston to become their best friend - because friends don’t make friends party if they don’t want to! They study Langston’s behavior for them to copy so they’ll seem to be like-minded. Soon enough, Langston ends up befriending Fergy and Paulie and even keeps them from going to parties to spend more time with him. But the pair discovers that Langston’s a pretty high-maintenance friend and it drives them nuts!

Gameplay Tips


  • Fergy: GUYS! No biting!
  • Paulie: ONE AT A TIME! Stop!
  • Fergy: No, I don't feel like playing a game of tag!

  • Langston, Fergy and Paulie unanimously: "99 Pinatas.. Each swingin' like a sack! Here comes a kid with a baseball bat, the next one gets a WACK!..."
  • Langston: Now, backwards! "Whack, a, gets one, next, the bat, Baseball!"

  • Paulie: Where are you going?
  • Fergy: To get that song surgically removed from my brain!