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Doc Patchingo is the village doctor. He is on call 24 hours a day to heal sick piñatas. After you have visited his shop once, you can call him to your garden by selecting a sick piñata and pressing .

Ways to get sick

  • Eating red and black candy that a sour piñata or a ruffian has left around.
    • There will be an audio clip that plays to let you know when sour candy is dropped in your garden.
    • You need to smash the sour candy with your shovel.
  • Losing a fight to another piñata.
  • Eating weeds, like the Toadstool.
  • Getting whacked with the shovel.
  • Not having enough room to roam.


  • A sick piñata will cost 10% of their value to have it healed by the Doc.
  • If it is sick too long, Dastardos will come and break your sick piñata with a stick.
  • Any accessories will be lost with the broken piñata and your piñata will return to the wild.

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