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I took a look at this category and I noticed 6 stubs and 2 pages. The daisy has plenty of info and the buttercup has a bit. We need these pages uniform.

To do

Here's what I see: 1. At the top we have attracts, like the buttercup page. 2. Next we have where to obtain. This doesn't have to be a subheading 3. Next paragraph we have a description of the particular flower. 4. We have subheading: Uses of (name of flower) seed(see daisy page) 5. Subheading: Uses of (flower name) 6. A picture of each flower

Any other suggestions are appericated. BTW Feral, can we add this to the to do list? --Spartan 22:56, 13 November 2006 (EST)

Yepyep, it's been in progress as we speak. I did trees yesterday and earlier today, and am working on bushes and flowers today and tomorrow :) By the time I'm done, everything will appear similar to Apple Tree.

Nice to see you posting here, by the way! --FeralKitty 23:05, 13 November 2006 (EST)