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Nokboy's Corner

I've been addicted to VP for a few weeks now. I'm currently still collecting all the piñatas and achievements. I've contributed to a few pages on this site, which has been a great help. Kudos to the folks who make this happen!

[Message from Son_Jason]

Cheers for removing that erranous comment I added.

I guess it must of been a bug seeing as it happened more than once, I wonder if the sombrero had anything to do with it???? :S

I don't think your comment was necessarily erroneous (haven't verified it). However in my opinion having a section for piñata happiness and adding something that makes a piñata unhappy under it is not very helpful. I think people are interested in making their piñatas happy, not unhappy. If having information on what makes piñatas unhappy is something the community thinks is beneficial, then I'm all for having that information, possibly in a separate section. Remember, this is a wiki and anyone can change almost anything, so if people think deleted information is beneficial, they'll add it back and that's fine. Thanks for starting a discussion on it. If you want, start a discussion on the Species page or something and lets get the community's thoughts on it. I could just be totally nuts :P -Nokboy 11:16, 26 January 2007 (EST)

[New message from Son_Jason]

Starting a discussion on the subject would be a good idea, although my original intention was to warn people to watch where they are watering (like in my case) where I accidentally watered it and it went uber depressed for ages, same thing happened again when I tried. Like I said the sombrero could of had something to do with it not working again.

Anyway sorry to be using your page space and thanks at least for not jumping down my throat because i made a mistake :P

Perhaps a section for the ups and downs could be useful so as to help people be aware, I for one wouldnt want to find out the thing that makes my Horsetachio leave my garden.

Cheers again [S_J]