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The tinkerer from a shop called Bart's Exchange can transform one item into another for you. Consult Food for info about some items listed here, among others.

List of items that can be transformed
Item Transformed into Use
Apple Toffee apple  ???
Blackberry Blackberry Jam  ???
Bread Sandwich Swanana eats to become resident.
Carrot Carrot Cake Jameleon eats for a variant.
Corn Bread Quackberry eats to become resident.
Gem Rainbow Gem  ???
Gooseberry Gooseberry Fool Candary eats for a variant.
Honey Bottle of medicine Cures sick pinatas.
Pumpkin Jack 'o Lantern Tames Sherbat
Toadstool Mushroom Tames Profitamole

List of items that cannot be transformed
Fir Cone