Sick Day

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4KidsTV video

"Sick Day" is the twelfth episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in North America on October 7, 2006.


When Fergy realizes that piñatas sneeze candy if they get a cold, he desperately tries to get one himself so he can lessen his candyosity and not be picked for parties. But helping all his sick friends only gives him a headache instead. Will he catch a cold before he fills up on so much free “sneeze candy” that he'll have no choice but to be sent to a party?


  • Paulie: And every time I sneeze, *sneezes* I shoot out candy.
  • Fergy: Eeewwww... that's just wrong! *eats the shot out candy* Try to aim directly at my mouth next time, would ya?

  • Langston: Kids don't want pinatas that shoot candy out of their noses, unless that's where they happen to have bashed you.

  • Fergy: You got any used handkerchiefs I can chew on?

  • Fergy: Mmm, taste of germs!

  • Les: *gibberish, making a hugging motion, trying to ask Fergy for a teddy bear*
  • Fergy: Ok ok, calm down Les. I know what you want. One eggbeater coming up!

  • Ella: Ah, Ah, Ah! I forget what comes next.
  • Fergy: Choo.
  • Ella: Thank you. CHOO!
  • Fergy: *falls with some candy* OW! Oh I've never been so happy saying "OW!" in all my life!

  • Fergy: *whilst hiding from a zombiesque crowd of sick Pinatas* La la la! I can't hear you! La la la! Brocolli! *screams* SP-SP-SPINICH!! *cries*