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Fergy Fudgehog


The way Fergy acts, you'd think he was more chicken than Fudgehog. Fergy's nervous, high-strung and prone to panic attacks.

As a professional worrier, Fergy has no peer. The main source of concern occupying Fergy’s feverish, hyperactive imagination: fulfilling his “destiny” as a Piñata. You see, Fergy has no intention of ever attending a party! The thought of smiling children breaking him open to get his goodies is enough to cause Fergy to break out in a cold (fudge-smelling) sweat!

His friends are convinced that Fergy hates the Piñata parties because he is selfishly trying to figure a way he can eat his own treats! But Fergy insists he’s just looking to keep himself and the rest of his friends safe from the Piñata Factory.

But Fergy isn't always nervous and jumpy. He can be fun and loves to dance. Just don't take him to a party!


Species: Fudgehog

First Appearance: Cocoadile Tears


Oh fudge!

Are you pullin' my taffy?

I don't like being bashed to pieces with a stick

That flavor that says, "Mouth, I love you!"