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A rosette.

You receive awards for general things like obtaining your first piñata of a particular species, growing a particular plant for the first time and obtaining tool upgrades. There are also more specialized awards for each piñata species and each plant. Awards are not the same as achievements, however obtaining awards can earn you achievements.

List of Classic Awards
Piñata Award Description
Visit Award for having a particular species visit your garden.
Reside Award for having a particular species become a resident of your garden.
Romance Award for successfully romancing a particular species.
Master Romancer Award for having seven members of a particular species in your garden at once.
Variant An award for each discovery of the three color variants for a particular species.
Plant Award Description
Grown to maturity Award for having successfully grown a particular plant.
Bonus Growth An award for each of three fertilization levels of a particular a plant.
Tool Award Description
Watering can An award for each watering can you obtain.
Shovel upgrade An award for each of the shovel head and handle upgrades you obtain.

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