Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

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Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise is the sequel to Viva Piñata: Classic which will be released in September 2008. There will also be a demo avilable for download sometime prior to the games release.

Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise is a brand new adventure where players will once again visit the thrilling world of Pinata Island. However this time around there are more problems than ever! Professor Pester and his gang of Ruffians have destroyed Pinata Central's database and have put the world's supply of delicous candy-filled pinatas at stake. Now it is up to player to establish a garden and rebuild the database. It is up to you to save Pinata Island!

Here are some of the new features that it includes:

  • 32 new Piñatas
  • New desert and arctic terrain and pinatas
  • Toys and trains for your pinata to interact with. You can also teach pinatas to perform tricks
  • New camera tool allows you to upload photos to
  • Just for Fun casual mode - No sours, no weeds, infinite chocolate coins... but doesn't have access to some of the more exotic pinata species.
  • Couch Social local co-op - second player has access to all tools, actions and activities, and also can collect "magic" to spend on tinkering items, healing a sick piñata or filling a piñata's candiosity meter
  • Piñata Vision uses printed cards with a unique barcode that can be scanned via the Xbox Live Vision Camera