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Roleplay Characters

  • Mitzi Mallowolf - An evil pinata who is not sour.
  • Carly Sour Crowla - Mitzi's rival and even more evil than her.
  • Petal Pretztail - A sweet Pretztail who is a tomboy.
  • Selena Squazzil - Petals friend who is always busy.
  • May sour Macaraccoon - An angry evil Maccaracoon with a vampire accent.

Pinata Island First Settlers Roleplay Charactes

  • Abigail Arocknid - Arney's sister, named Nightshade Berries.
  • Arney Arocknid - Abigail's brother, always agrees with Abigail.
  • Nayahe Newtgat - A Pinata Island tribe girl. (ni-ah-hey)

Doughnut of Life Characters

  • Dart Doenut - He is a warrior to his herd and hates Roarios. He has a western accent.
  • Darling Doenut - She is a beautiful doenut who is in love with Dart.


  • Petal-magenta
  • Carly-red
  • Mitzi-navy
  • Selena-darkorange
  • Abigail-olive
  • Arney-yellowgreen
  • Nayahe-plum
  • May-darkred
  • Dart-indigo