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My Stats

  • Gardener Level: 196
  • Gardener Cash: 2147483647
  • Number of Gardens: 113
  • Time in Gardens: 1650d 4h 40m
  • Photos Taken: 2036
  • Cards Scanned: 1198
  • Highest Piñata Value: 2147483647
  • Total Piñatas Unlocked: 109
  • Highest Garden Value: 2147483647
  • Awards: 841
  • Total Crates Sent: 838
  • Total Crates Received: 584

Helpful and Interesting


Would like to someday have:

  • Every item possible in PVC images
  • Encyclopedia of in game descriptions

Feel free to help :)

  • Needs fill in to accessories, pinata houses, pinatas, eggs
  • Then all descriptions
  • Possibly more trick stick and garden junk in the future


More BlahBlah

  • Dev Cards released so far, possible names for them, not all loaded yet, for reference.
    • Notes/Warnings added to some cards for uploading descriptions.
    • Duplicate cards will be removed
    • Alphabetized per FeralKitty's idea in navbox.