The Abominable Jeli

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"The Abominable Jeli" is the forty-second episode of Viva Piñata's first season. It originally aired in Canada on May 20, 2007.


Jerry Jeli

On the far, arctic side of the island, our friends find themselves in the middle of the Great Snowball War, pitting a thousand penguins against one huge Jeli. (Are there any other kind?)

Gameplay tips

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Hudson: Fergy, it's been two days, are you you sure you want to travel all this way for childish games? Fergy: With every childish bone in my body!

General Pengum: Mating season lads, fall in

Jerry: (ROARS, then looks at pengums) Huh, I wanna play. Hudson: Poor guy, well I guess that's that (runs away) *exit our heroes* Fergy: (to Jerry) Where do you think you're going?! Hudson: Fergy! What are you doing we almost got away. Fergy: Look at him he's not so tough we can take him *starts throwing snowballs* Jerry: Yay!


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: