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! '''Species [[variant]]s for the Taffly'''
! '''Species [[variant]]s for the Taffly'''
| [[Reddhott]]
| Set the Taffly on fire by sending it to a [[Firebrand]] then quickly douse with the [[watering can]] to create a [[Reddhott]].

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Base value:300 coins
Attack:Fly swatter
Taffly house
Housing cost:165 coins


Appear requirements

  • Have any kind of flower in the garden

Visit requirements

  • Have any 2 flowers in the garden

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 1 flower of any kind

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 poppy.
  • Have a Taffly house in the garden

Species variants

Species variants for the Taffly
Set the Taffly on fire by sending it to a Firebrand then quickly douse with the watering can to create a Reddhott.

Happiness tips

Species conflicts

Other information

  • Tafflies produce fertilizer when they are fed a piece of fruit.
  • When set of fire then doused with the watering can it evolves into a Reddhott