Snail's Pace

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"Snail’s Pace" is the seventh episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It is scheduled to air in North America on September 29, 2007.


Fergy and the gang have made it to the Finals of the Piñata Island Soccer tournament – despite having Shirley Shelleybean (snail) on their team. But when a gang of Sour Mallowolves join the Mallowolf team, it looks like certain doom for our favorite piñata team! They need every player to fight to the finish – including Shirley.

Gameplay Tips


  • Paulie: You heard 'em! Same again, but slower!

  • Shirley: I stink. I know I stink....
  • Fergy: Think positive, Shirley!
  • Shirley: Ok, I'm POSITIVE I stink...

  • Shirley: I stink at everything... Excepet stinking.

  • Sour Mallowolf: They're playing with a SHELLYBEAN!? She's no sourball player, she's an hors d'oeuvre! HAHAHAHA!

  • Hudson: Over here! I'm in the clear! The lighting is perfect and the camera has my good side!

  • Shirley: I'm no use to you guys... I'm dead weight.
  • Paulie: Dead weight... That's it! I said everybody has a talent, and that's yours Shirley! You're dead weight!

  • Pierre: Team blue is the winner big! Bigger! Biggest!


  • Soccer is an actual famous sport.
  • This episode is the only episode so far where a Sour Pinata is capable of speech.
  • Pinatas on Team Blue are: Fergy, Paulie, Franklin, Hudson, Les, Tina, Teddington, Dr. Quackberry, Langston, Monty, Prewitt, Rory, & Shirley


  • When Dr. Quackberry gets hit with the sour ball the first time his eyebrows disappear
  • Dr. Quackberry eyes are red. But when he looks in the telescope his eyes are blue


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: