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The Viva Piñata Xbox 360 Game

General information about the game

Achievements | Awards | Xbox Live | Xbox Live Marketplace


Currency | Post Office | Shops | the Village | User interface

Features of your Journal: Encyclopedia

Day and night cycle | Weather

What do I do with honey and milk?

Your tools

Shovel | Packet of Seeds | Watering Can

Items you can place in your garden

Grass, Bushes and trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, ponds, houses, fences, Statues

Labeling your Piñatas | Accessorizing your Piñatas | Trading your Piñatas

Food chain | Life stages | Romance Dance

Getting to know your garden helpers

Leafos | Storkos

Gameplay Tips

Attracting new species | Designing your garden | Taming sour piñatas

Obtaining rare Piñatas

Corporations behind the Xbox 360 game

Developed by Rare® Ltd.

Published by Microsoft Game Studios

Press Release

General Viva Piñata information

Piñata species

Sour Piñatas | Nocturnal Piñatas | Wild Piñatas

My Piñata is sick


Candiosity | Candiosity Meter | Cannoñata | Piñata Central

Piñata Factory | Piñata garden | Piñata Island | Piñata Yada Yada

Licensed Viva Piñata Merchandise


The Viva Piñata TV Show

General information about the television series

Episode guide | Theme Song | Voice Cast

Stars of the television series

Fergy | Franklin | Hudson | Paulie | Simone | The Bonboon

Beatrice | Cecil | Chortles | Dr. Quackberry | Ella | Hamilton

Langston | Les | Mabel | Max | Mongo | Pecky | Pierre

Shirley | Teddington | Tina

Professor Pester and the Ruffians

Corporations behind the television series

Produced by 4Kids Entertainment

Animation by Bardel Entertainment

Shown by 4Kids TV (US) and YTV (Canada)