List of minor characters

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Beatrice Buzzlegum


Appearances in: Queen for a Day.

Queen Beatrice is the leader of all the buzzlegums in Buzzlegum Valley.

Beverly Badgesicle


Appearances in: Hudson’s Biggest Fan, Hero

Cecil Cocoadile

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Appearances in: Cocoadile Tears, Whirlm with a Dream, and The Pinatas Must Be Crazy.

Cecil's tears are used as fertilizer for Chortles' garden. Many have tried and failed to get Cecil to cry but apparently only Chortles' terrible jokes get him crying (from laughing).

Chortles Chippopatamus


Appearances in: Cocoadile Tears, Whirlm with a Dream, The Crush, The Pinatas Must Be Crazy, and Hudson’s Biggest Fan.

Chortles has a magnificent garden, but he won't stop cracking terrible jokes. The secret to his garden's success is Cecil Cocoadile's tears. His trick for getting Cecil to cry is by telling his lame jokes. Cecil laughs himself to tears. Famous quotes include "Roses are red, violets are blue. Some poems rhyme, but not this one."

Cleo Candary


Appearances in: To Catch a Piñata.

Dr. Quackberry

Appearances in: Piñatapartyphobia

Dr. Quackberry is the only psychologist in the garden. He is called upon to cure everything from a Piñatapartyphobia to Confetti-itis - although some question whether he’s really qualified.

Florence Fizzlybear

Appearances in: Franklin Can’t Dance

Florence is Franklin's crush and loves Franklin even after she finds out he isn't the greatest dancer in the world, as his friends claimed.

Francine Fudgehog

Appearances in: My Little Fergy

Francine is Fergy's mother. She believes Fergy's stories that he's is the most popular party pinata on the island.

Hamilton Horstachio


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color

Hamilton is a boastful Horstachio, that for a short time, was the most popular pinata in the party circuit, due to his sneakiness in cancelling Hudson's bookings. However, after accidentilly eating Mabel Moozipan's daisies and blackberries, he turned into a Zumbug, making him loose the Horstatio competition and his fame.

Langston Lickatoad


Appearances in: Candiosity, Whirlm with a Dream, Legs, Trojan Horstachio, The Pinatas Must Be Crazy, Sick Day, Les Saves the Day…Again!, Mission: Impinatable, and My Little Fergy.

Langston is the official representative for Piñata Central. There are lots of parties out there in the world just waiting for a fun, candy-filled piñata, and it’s his job to see that they get there. Of course, with Fergy and Paulie throwing a wrench in his carefully worked out plan, things never go smoothly. That’s why Fergy and Paulie are on the top of Langston’s list.

Mabel Moozipan


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Queen for a Day, The Crush, Franklin Can’t Dance, Lights, Camera, Action! and The Great Gob Rush.

Mabel is very strict about how her garden is treated, and isn't afraid to put matters into her own hooves. She is a good friend of Florence Fizzlybear. Famous quotes include "Feel the wrath of my giant hoe!"

Max Buzzlegum


Appearances in: Queen for a Day.

Mongo Macaraccoon


Appearances in: Mad Mongo

Nicknamed "Mad Mongo". He has a Jekyll and Hyde-like personality – you just never know when he’s going to explode! He's Fergy’s neighbour and the gang do whatever they can to avoid him. But circumstances often lead them to his door to request some sort of favor.

Pecky Pudgeon


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Whirlm with a Dream, Legs,Mission: Impinatable, and My Little Fergy.

This paparazzi pigeon made a name for himself taking photos of the most famous Piñatas. But you don’t have to be famous to get Pecky’s attention. His pastime is gossiping about anyone and anything, and often writes it in Piñata Island’s #1 newspaper, the Piñata Yada Yada.

Pierre Parrybo


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color, Legs, Franklin Can’t Dance, Lights, Camera, Action!, Hudson’s Biggest Fan and The Great Gob Rush.

Pierre is a feisty and fiery, French-accented piñata. He is the island’s designated Official for various island functions. In addition to officiating, he also has a call-in radio show and is the island’s #1 DJ.

Prewitt Profitamole


Appearances in: Legs.

Prewitt is the Island's repair mechanic. He repairs piñatas, when they "break a stitch." His workshop contains "spare" piñata parts.

Professor Pester


Appearances in: Trojan Horstachio, Lights, Camera, Action!,Mission: Impinatable and The Great Gob Rush.

Professor Pester thinks of himself as a criminal mastermind, and tries anything he can to catch the Piñatas. Unfortunately, his dimwitted gang members, the Ruffians can’t seem to execute his plans. He often wears disguises including one of Reg Upchuck, a Hollywood movie director. Famous quotes include "Victory is mine!" and "I have no regrets!"

The Ruffians


Appearances in: Trojan Horstachio, Lights, Camera, Action!, Mission: Impinatable and The Great Gob Rush.

The Ruffians are a group of menacing Piñata poachers on the island led by Professor Pester.

Shirley Shellybean

What Shirley lacks in speed she makes up for in enthusiasm. She always arrives at Piñata Central after the announcements have finished, or after the Candiosity Metering is over. And yet, inexplicably, whenever there is a candy spill, she is the first Piñata on the spot!

Simone Cinnamonkey


Appearances in: Horstachio of a Different Color and Hudson’s Biggest Fan

Simone is the career focused piñata of the bunch who has the pleasure of managing Hudson Horstachio. She’s always on the phone – often on two calls at once. She often double books her superstar client, so when Husdon can’t make it she recruits other Piñatas to fill-in.

Spalding Sparrowmint


Appearances in: Invasion of the Boogie Snatchers.

The Bonboon


Appearances in: Candiosity, Queen for a Day, The Piñatas Must Be Crazy, My Little Fergy and The Great Gob Rush.

"The Bonboon" is considered to be the wisest of the wise by many of the piñatas. Many go to him for advice – but what most don’t realize is that he’s really not an all-knowing, all-seeing oracle. He just says whatever he thinks they want to hear in order to get their candy from them. Famous quotes include "Boom shaka laka laka boom shaka boom... Ah a visitor. Welcome lowly seeker of truth. How may I blow your teeny tiny mind?" "To become smaller, you must become larger." and "'Five' is the answer to many questions, is it not?"

Wilson Whirlm


Appearances in: Whirlm with a Dream and The Crush

Wilson is a wannabe party animal, but he's finding it impossible to raise his candiosity high enough to be sent away. Despite this, he will keep trying and pursue his dream!