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Making an Asian Garden

Gardens can be anything from party central to quiet and relaxing. Maybe you're the type of gardener who likes to meditate and seek enlightenment in your garden. If that's the case, here are some instructions, examples, and tips for putting together your own Asian zen garden!

First you'll want to choose which pinatas will keep things peaceful and quiet for you. As much as I love Tigermisus, they don't exactly engender peaceful feelings among their neighborhood pinatas. So, anything big or anything that's a pinatavore is out. Koi would be nice if they existed in the game, but Newtgats are a great peaceful alternative. And, it's hard to resist a Kittyfloss house when you're fixing up an Asian theme.


Here are a few characters from my zen garden you can scan to get started:


  • There are many items in Costalot's store that will go well with an Asian garden. The jade lion statue, the paper screen, the Oriental gateway, and the paper lanterns are the most obvious.
  • The gold tile has a very regal feel to it. Using tile as an edge to dig a pond makes for nice water features.
  • The wind chimes are graceful and elegant and fit well with a zen garden.
  • Flowers and especially water flowers make a nice addition to a relaxation garden.
  • Shrubs like the blueberry bush look like bonsai trees (miniature trees pruned and shaped to look like very old beautiful trees). You can make a little a grid of 3 by 3 tiles with the center tile missing. Plant the tree there, and it's as if you have put the tree in a shallow pot.
  • Monkeynut trees have the shape of a bonsai tree (sort of a triangle with waving trunk and alternating branches)
  • If you have tile pathways going through the center of a pond like in the example video, make it wide enough to allow pinatas not to get trapped and sick.
  • You can make a path to go through the Oriental walkway--either with tiles or by removing the grass surface to get bare dirt. Small pinatas can go through easily, but make sure there's a way around it if you have some bigger pinatas in the garden.