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For answers to commonly asked Choclodocus questions, see below.
Base value:11000 coins
Attack:Nautilus shells
Choclodocus house
The Choclodocus doesn't have a house.
Housing cost:N/A

Were there prehistoric Pinatas? I thought Pinatas were discovered in China by Marco Polo who then brought them to Europe. The tradition then transferred to South America by Spanish explorers. All this was a long time after dinosaurs. It's as if someone wanted be cool without thinking it through properly.

Trouble in Paradise - Standard requirements

To obtain the Choclodocus, you need to obtain three bones. Blue and green bones can be unearthed from the mine; red bones can be purchased from Costolot's General Store after reaching level 45. You also need an amber gem. This is retrieved from the wishing well, the first time you throw 9,999 chocolate coins down the well.

Red bone
Red bone
Blue bone
Blue bone
Green bone
Green bone
Wishing well
Wishing well
Amber gem
Amber gem

Next, you must tinker three colored bones. The bones that you choose to use affect the appearance of the Choclodocus that will be hatched.

The first bone you tinker turns into a skull, which will determine the type of head that your Choclodocus will have:

  • Red bone - Triceratops
  • Blue bone - Brontosaurus
  • Green bone - Stegosaurus

The second bone you tinker turns into ribs, which will determine the type of tail:

  • Red bone - Flat, seven-spiked tail
  • Blue bone - Pointed tail, with four long spikes
  • Green bone - Tail fan

The third bone bone you tinker turns into a spine, which will determine the color:

  • Red bone - Purple
  • Blue bone - Blue
  • Green bone - Green

Choclodocus bone guide
Choclodocus bone guide

Place the skull, ribs, spine, and amber gem into a store house. Eventually they will fuse into a Choclodocus egg. This egg can be hatched by a Cluckles wearing a Jurassic Hair accessory.

The newly-hatched Choclodocus will be a baby, but won't cocoon on its own. To mature it into an adult, you will need to feed the young Choclodocus a bottle of milk, a bone, a Geckie, a Cocoadile, and a Jameleon. Shortly after eating all five items, the Choclodocus will cocoon, then emerge as a quite larger adult.

Trick requirements

  • Feed it a ruby to have it perform Trick 1
  • Feed it a diamond to have it perform Trick 2

Species conflicts

  • The Choclodocus will frighten away any sours that enter the garden.

Happiness tips

  • Choclodocus likes eating gems of any color.

Other information

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Animbassadors: ???

TV show episodes

Choclodocuses have appeared in the following TV show episodes:

Minor character

Description of image

Appearances in: ???

Description of minor character.


  •  ???

Commonly asked questions
How can I get another amber gem (or Choclodocus)?

If your garden with the amber gem became corrupted, you can easily get replacements by scanning the amber gem card, Choclodocus egg card, or Choclodocus card.

If you don't have an Xbox Live Vision camera, but are on Xbox Live, you can try asking in the forum's amber gem thread.

If you don't have Xbox Live, you can choose to start again from scratch (by deleting the game save), or just get a Vision camera. There are hundreds of other exclusive pinatas and items that are only available on Piñata Vision cards.