Wild Horstachios

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"Wild Horstachios" is the tenth episode of Viva Piñata's second season. It originally aired in North America on October 6, 2007.


The rough'n tough Black'n white leader

During a commercial shoot, Hudson and Silvia accidentally end up lost in the jungle with a pack of wild black and white Horstachios. Hudson must then “rough it” for the first time in his life if he wants to survive. Being pampered and spoiled, this isn't easy. Stalking hudson, Professor Pester sets out to capture him. Meanwhile, after Hudson tries all he can to fit in he entered a bad situation. Before trouble brews hudson notices twine grass, saving him a beating. Harry, wanting some grass, walks to his food when suddenly a cage drops. Pester's car then drives off with the cage. Once Pester arrives he notices that Harry's not Hudson. Never the less, he hooks him up to the carousel of candy extracton, sucking out harry's candy causing him to faint. Hudson, wanting to prove he's tough, decides to rescue harry. All of Harry's pack eagerly help. Sneaking in unnoticed, Hudson then finds Harry and re-candifys him, he then regains conciousness as his herd cheers. Hearing Pester, Hudson ushers them all out, pester following the Horstachios in a wild Juicygoose chase. Leading the herd to an old richety bridge he asks them to brush their teeth. Hudson then ushers them to smile as hard as they can, causing a glare which topples Pester's car over the edge. Hudson then is recognized as a tough piñata in Harry's, and his herd's, eyes. Hudson then politely refuses the offer to join the herd and leaves, silvia riding on him. Hudson then announces that they're back, but nobody really noticed they were gone.

Gameplay Tips

  • Wild pinatas will be black-and-white before they decide to stay in you garden. However, they do not appear in grayscale like in this episode.


  • Harry the Wild Horstachio Leader: Listen here, pretty boy, you're on Wild Horstachio turf now! Got it?
  • Hudson: I have got it! Thank you!


  • The wild horstachios are based off old western-style movie cowboys.
  • A painting of Baron Von Ghoul from Rare's Xbox game, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, can be seen in Professor Pester's hideout.

Piñata species in episode


Characters which make their first appearances in this episode are: