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Base value:100 coins
Attack:Fish Hooks
The Whirlm house is a network of tunnels leading to an underground abode.
Housing cost:55 coins

Animbassador: Wilson

Every garden has to start somewhere, and it is harder to keep Whirlms out than it is to keep them.


After you flatten enough terrain with your shovel, a Whirlm will visit your Piñata garden. They’re very obedient. Tell them to go somewhere or do something and they’ll do it.

Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

Romance requirements

  • Have 10 square pinometers of soil or grass (1%).
  • There is a Whirlm house in the garden.

Species variants

Species variants for the Whirlm
Feeding it a Turnip changes its color to a purple Whirlm.

Happiness tips

  • Whirlms are happier when sprinkled with water.

Species conflicts

  • Sparrowmints will attempt to eat the Whirlm, and as such the Sparrowmint needs to eat Whirlms to achieve certain requirements.

Other information