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== <slash>[http://youtube.com/profile?user=Pinatamastergirl3000 My Youtube channel]</slash> EDIT: I forgot the password, lol. [http://youtube.com/profile?user=050294devart New Account]==
== <s>[http://youtube.com/profile?user=Pinatamastergirl3000 My Youtube channel]</s> EDIT: I forgot the password, lol. [http://youtube.com/profile?user=050294devart New Account]==
Please visit
Please visit

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My Favorites



  • PROFESSOR PESTER! I Love professor pester! (I even play him in the roleplay forums ^-^)
  • Peter griffin!


  • Key lime pie

A little about me

Hello, I am Natalie(Pinatamastergirl3000), I am a teenager in living in the ATL!(Atlanta,GA)I love Professor Pester(MY WORSHIP)and I am a scribbler in the Graphix Junkies and will happily draw art for you! ^-^ I love roleplaying, making up new pinata and playing VP!

My artwork

Posted on:



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My Youtube channel EDIT: I forgot the password, lol. New Account

Please visit

Roleplay characters


  • Cocall (sour) Crowla- Cocall is a minion of Mel, he has a habit of saying "KAW" At the end of his sentences.
  • Corinna Crowla- Always trying to get attention she lacked as a child and still lacks, this pinata is a descendant of the great warrior Cesil Crowla, who wore the helmet as well. Due to her always tripping over herself, people take her for granted, when she is as graceful as a dancer in battle.
  • Farquad, Felicio, Felicia and Fanita Fourheads- Farquad is the biggest and oldest head, making him very sophisticated and smart. Felico and felicia are the heads around Farquad, they constantly bicker, which can lead them into trouble. Fanita is the youngest and nicest of the fourheads but cries a lot when pinatas fight. Felicio seems to like Tina and Felicia likes Teddington.
  • Jade Juicygoose- Always made fun of by other pinata, she sadly tolls on, just trying to make friends. Many confuse her for a guy, which upsets her greatly
  • Kate Kitkatsune (Kit Kat bar Kitsune)- A rare pinata, Kate is always seen as a freak in most of pinata society. The only pinatas that really are nice to her are her friends. She is in love with Peston pretztail, the only one who seems to like her for her beauty on the inside, not her wealth.
  • Lonna Bowstripe Badgesicle- Never having known her mother or father, Lonna was raised by an older badgesicle named Grawn. Born with the gifts of a Seer, Lonna saw that her friend's time was growing short. The two made their way towards Salamangostron, where the old badgesicle could live in peace. However, they were set upon by the vermin crew of Renton, who killed old Grawn and wounded Lonna, giving her a scar across her face. Left for dead, Lonna was found by a local group of ottoffee. After recovering and spending some time with them, she departed in search of vengeance. She wields a golden double-headed battleaxe.
  • Mel (sour) Mallowolf- A new york accented Mallowolf, Mel aint no pushover. He has his own pack which he rules over.
  • Merina (sour) Mallowolf - One of Mel's goons, Merina is a skilled fighter. She never shows mercy on her victims. She is soft on Torture Mallowolf due to the fact that she likes him.
  • Pai Pretztail- The pink princess of pretztails, this is no girly girl, she is full tomboy, kicking butt and taking names.
  • Poacher Pretztail- A guard of Pai Pretztail, this pretztail lives for humiliation in others, mainly to Monagon. He also shows off and is a versatile warrior.
  • Professor Pester
  • Szec (sour) Sherbat- Szec, a minion of Mel, is just like dracula, he talks like him, acts like him... eats like him, hehe... I vant to suck your blood!


  • Chelsey Crowla- The Electric Guitarist and major rap-gal of black taffy, this gals tough and never is fooled. Her best friend is Serina.
  • Fosser of the Wind Eaglair- The leader of a tribe of Indian Eaglairs
  • Krisy Kitkatsune- The daughter of Peston and Kate.
  • Kronic Kittyfloss- Leader of black Taffy, the hit band on pinata island, he is very confident and courageous.
  • Layla Lackatoad- Always nervous because her best friend is a salamango, she always tries to make people happy.
  • Maelevolent Mallowolf- The leader of a mallowolf pack, this mallowolf will kill for FUN and is very bloodthirsy.
  • Moon Mallowolf- Son of Maelevolent and Mai (VPfan's character), this mallowolf is very curious.
  • Otto ottoffee (Otter - Toffee)- A simple pinata who can help with almost anything. He is very perverted and likes pretty girls
  • Pancake Zumbug- The older brother of Hayley Mays, this orange Zumbug is a kind soul who always wears his favorite tie.
  • Patrice Parrybo- Patrice is a nice pink parrybo who always seems to hang with the wrong crowd.
  • Piff Pegatton (Pegasus - Cotton Candy)- The pinata equivilant of superman, Piff is always trying to do what's right.
  • Renton Ratatouille- The leader of a pack of Ratatouille, this rat means business.
  • Sara Salamango- Very calm and sociable, her best friend is Layla Lackatoad.
  • Serina Swanana- The Keyboardest of black taffy, this gals got spunk. Her best friend is Chelsey.
  • Stryk Redkite Eaglair- Daughter of Fosser.


  • Corina Crowla- Yellow
  • Chelsey Crowla- Indigo
  • Cocall (sour) Crowla- Light Blue
  • Farquad, Felicio, Felicia and Fanita Fourheads- Fanita is Dark Green, Farquad is Pale Green, Felicia is Sea Green and Felicio is Lime
  • Fosser of the wind- Wheat
  • Jade Juicygoose- Purple
  • Kate Kitkatsune- Plum
  • Krisy Kitkatsune- Medium Turquoise
  • Kronic Kittyfloss- Black
  • Layla Lackatoad- Cyan
  • Lonna Bowstripe Badgesicle- Dark Slate Gray
  • Maelevolent Mallowolf- Medium Turquoise
  • Merina Mallowolf- Royal Blue
  • Mel (sour) Mallowolf- Dark Red
  • Moon Mallowolf- Dim Gray
  • Otto Ottofee- Sienna
  • Pai Pretztail- Magenta
  • Pancake Zumbug- Orange
  • Patrice Parrybo- Dark Orchid
  • Piff Pegatton- Silver
  • Poacher Pretztail- Olive
  • Professor Pester- Red
  • Renton Ratatouille- Silver
  • Sara Salamango- Dark Red
  • Serina Swanana- Dark Slate Blue
  • Stryk Redkite- Red
  • Szec (sour) Sherbat- Sandy Brown


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