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== To Pinata Island ==
Ler was just a happy scientist, testing animals. He had heard rumors about strange, pinata-like animals, and had decided to go to the surrounding islands of an island called 'Monrocal', where the creatures had washed up on shore. He had almost given up hope, but he flew over an uncharted island in a sea-plane. He landed, and was captured by a group of [[Sour|sour]] [[Fudgehogs]].
== Return to Normal Society==
After years of being missing, he appeared back at his home. He was acting odd- wearing red robes, lashing out at people who had Pinatas at their parties, and above all, stealing all sorts of pointless junk. His family and friends tried to convince him to stop doing what he was doing, to see a psychiatrist. Eventually, he was commited to an insane asylum.
== Announcing His Position ==
He escaped from the asylum a year later. He held several people hostage, to get on national television. He screamed out to the entire world, that he (Tyler Houston), was no longer himself. He was Ler, general of the F.B.I. armies, and connection to the real world. He fled, but not before leaving a chilling message: "I will eventually lead my army to world domination!"
== Present Day ==
Ler is currently training Whirlms and leading them on attacks against the [[C.I.A.]], and talking with the mysterious leader.
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