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1 Try not to over-water your plants and vegetables. You want a balance of half-blue (wet), half-white (dry), on the Water Meter. If you over-water a plant, leaving it alone for a while will allow the excess water will drain off over time.

2 Hitting or breaking a piñata with your shovel might be fun, but it will have consequences. A piñata of that same species may be afraid to come to your garden.

3 You can increase pinata's happiness by giving it an accessory to wear. (Some accessories also prompt a pinata to perform routine tasks on its own, such as a Goobaa getting shorn.)

4 If you have an ill pinata, call the doctor as soon as possible. If you wait and the doctor cannot make it in time, Dastardos will come and smash the ill pinata.

5 It's better to tame a sour piñata, rather than breaking it open. If you tame a Sour, it will become helpful, such as by stopping fights, or scaring off Sours.

6 When creating a new species from an existing resident, it's helpful not to change your only resident species into a different species. Wait for a second one to become a resident, then romance them first, so you will have some of both species.

7 Just because it's nighttime in your garden, it doesn't mean that you can sleep. Some predators, like the Pretztail, like to hunt and eat other species at night. Some species, like Mothdrop, will only romance at night.

8 If you have a Sprinkling helper, a good time to plant things is right before dawn. If you finish your planting around 6-7:00am game time, the sprinkling will show up first thing in the morning, and help you water the new plants all day.

9 Simply renaming a piñata can make it happier.

10 A little forethought in how you want your garden to look will help avoid problems like cramped habitats, or traffic jams as Piñatas and Helpers travel around from spot to spot.

11 A good plan for the player who likes to sell and trade their pinatas is to box their houses with a fence. That way you keep all your species organized.

12 Piñatas values increase as they return from parties, eat candies and/or are wearing accessories.

13 A Tower of Sour will help keep unwanted sours out of your garden. As you tame each species of sour pinata, you will receive another section to add to the tower.

14 One strategy for making money is to grow produce. One of the best is the Chili pepper because its seeds only cost 22 coins and each sells for 100 coins. For even more profit, put the plants in tight bunches and use fertilizer on each group up to three times to raise the value of the pepper to 400 coins.

15 A strategy to make some quick money is to create a new garden solely for the purpose of growing poison ivy. Plant as many poison ivy seeds as you can in this garden. Then let the poison ivy "green" flower heads bloom and fall to the ground. You can then sell these poison ivy flower heads for 100 coins each. Re-plant the seeds that each poison ivy plant spits out.

16 To get money quickly, grow bird of paradise flowers and use fertilizer 3 times. When the flower heads are mature, sell them for 1440 coins. Other great "cash crops" include the orchid, bullrush, and tulip.

17 A great way to raise money and gain a growth reward is to plant a pumpkin seed and use the orange fertilizer three times on the new seed. This will yield a huge pumpkin. Sell it for 240 coins.

18 When selling a tree, check to see if it has fruit ready. If so, make them drop first and sell them too to make a little bit more money.

19 After you tap a flower to separate the seed and flower head, you can sell the bare stalk before it dies.

20 If your piñata is in it’s home you can tap the house and it will come out. This is especially useful when you need a Chewnicorn to heal a sick piñata before Dastardos gets them.

21 Try to avoid piñata fights before they happen by making sure that each piñata has enough of whatever it needs. If a piñata has broken open in a fight, it may be reluctant to return.

22 Avoid boxing in piñatas with fences, without giving them adequate room to roam a bit. It will keep them happy and from getting sick.

23 A wild-card is a very rare pinata that has a unique appearance and a larger base value which is increased by 10 times.

24 If you sprinkle Happy Candies around your garden, your pinatas will come and eat them without your intervention.

25 The condition for receiving a Master Romancer award is having seven pinata of a species resident in the garden at the same time. This could be done by romancing 2 pinatas 5 times, but romancing is not a requirement.

26 Placing a Captain's Cutlass in your garden keeps Ruffians away permanently.

27 If you have too many piñatas in your garden, your piñatas will not romance. Try selling a few of your other piñatas, and see if the hearts above their heads come back.

28 For Buzzlegums to make honey you must have Willy build them a hive. Then the Beekeeper Hat accessory prompts them to produce honey automatically.

29 Evolved piñatas are created by changing a piñata animal from one species into another.

30 A tamed Macaracoon has a special "Find Romance Candy" ability that can by used by highlighting it and pressing Button x.png. This will earn an Achievement for you.

31 An egg can by found by digging in a mine using the Diggerling. You then send a Cluckles to the egg to hatch it into a baby Dragonache.