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It occurs to me now that it's a bad idea to hardcode 'coins' in the template, due to the possibility that a house might be free in-game (i.e. a download from the Marketplace). --FeralKitty 08:11, 23 October 2006 (EDT)

It'd still be logical to leave 'Housing Cost' and 'Cost' in. There'll be more pinatas who cost something than free ones, and you could just put 'Downloaded from Marketplace' or something like that. The only pinatas who would have a house for download would be ones available for download, so maybe you could make a slightly different infobox, like "Microsoft Points : ". -- Ramen 14:35, 23 October 2006 (EDT)

They're being left in. All I changed was what you have to pass via the parameter. (i.e. you have to type '135 coins' instead of '135' now). This makes the template more versatile, so you can say 'Free' or whatever, without the word coins showing up. --FeralKitty 15:01, 23 October 2006 (EDT)

Should there be a spot for the capture prices from the hunter? Or should that be on the hunters page? --Kaster Troy 18:05, 13 Novembermas 2006(EDT)

lol i was just working on a template change :p I see you've beat me to it. Kaya 20:17, 2 March 2007 (EST)

That seems to always happen sorry about that. The Claw 20:21, 2 March 2007 (EST)