Taming sour piñatas

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While all Sour Piñatas are grumpy, each species has its own bad habits. If you tame a Sour, it will become helpful, such as by stopping fights, or scaring off Sours.

You can tame a sour pinata by meeting its Resident requirements. Once you have tamed it, you can purchase a totem and add it to a Tower of Sour to scare away all sour pinatas of that particular species.

List of Sour species that can be tamed
Name of species Bad habit Good habit How to tame it
Bonboon Starts fights amongst the other piñatas Stops fights  ?
Cocoadile Attacks your helpers Scares off Sour piñatas Feed it 1 Sweetooth and 2 Swananas
Crowla Eats sick pinatas Distracts Dastardos from breaking open sick piñatas Build a birdbath, and feed it a bottle of medicine
Macaraccoon Steals eggs from your garden Brings items into your garden Feed it a Cluckle
Mallowolf Prevents visitors to your garden  ? Feed it a Pigxie
Profitamole Attacks your flowers  ? Feed it a Mushroom
Shellybean Eats flower seeds Eats weed seeds Feed it an apple seed
Sherbat Drains other pinatas  ? Feed it a Jack 'o Lantern