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Gardener level


As you earn awards, you eventually will reach a new rank or level, which will unlock new species, upgrades for your tools, or even more space in your garden. Collecting all of the awards will leave you at rank 108.

The small blue petals around the clock in the User Interface fill up as you earn awards, and indicate how close you are to your next level.

Gardener level benefits

List of benefits gained at each gardener level
Level Benefit
1 New Gardener title.
2 Seedos will visit your garden.

Costolot's General Store opens in the village.

4 Post Office opens in the village.

Wild Raisants attracted by your garden.

Sour Shellybeans attracted by your garden.

5 Jardiniero gives you the Seed Shovel Head upgrade.

Sour Shellybeans visit, and are able to be tamed.

Gretchen Fetchem opens in the village.

6 Experienced Gardener title.

Iron Shovel Handle upgrade.

Wild Arocknids attracted by your garden.

7 Pond Shovel Head upgrade.
8 Miss Petula's Paper Pets opens.
9 Bart's Exchange opens.

Sour Sherbats attracted by your garden.

10 Arfur's Inn opens with Sprinkling available for hire.

Sour Sherbats visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.

"Talent" Achievement unlocked

11 Skilled Gardener title.

Garden Space Upgrade.

12 Ivor visits the garden.

Gatherling available for hire.

13 Bronze Shovel Handle upgrade.
14 Pinata Central begins issuing factory requests.

Weedling available for hire.

Sour Crowlas attracted to your garden.

15 Ruffians visit your garden.

Treecutter Shovel Head upgrade.

Sour Crowlas visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.

16 Professional Gardener title.

Watchling available for hire.

19 Sour Profitamoles attracted by your garden.
20 Sour Profitamoles visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.

Professor Pester visits the garden.

21 Expert Gardener title.

Maximum Garden Space Upgrade.

Sweetoothes attracted by your garden.

23 Silver Shovel Handle upgrade

Sour Macaraccoons attracted by your garden.

24 Sour Macaraccoons visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.
26 Great Gardener title.

Diggerling available for hire.

Dragumflies attracted by your garden.

27 Sour Cocoadiles attracted by your garden.

Swananas attracted by your garden.

28 Gold Shovel Handle upgrade

Sour Cocoadiles visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.

30 Fizzlybears attracted by your garden.
31 Master Gardener title.

Credits unlocked.

Sour Mallowolfs attracted by your garden.

32 Sour Mallowolfs visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.

Parrybos attracted by your garden.

33 Eaglairs attracted by your garden.
34 Sour Bonboons attracted by your garden.
35 Sour Bonboons visit your garden, and are able to be tamed.
36 Legendary Gardener title.

Elephanillas attracted by your garden.

38 Roarios attracted by your garden.
41 Ultimate Gardener title.
50 "Master Talent" Achievement unlocked
108 Collect all awards