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The P-Factor is Piñata Island's very own talent show and beauty pageant. Four piñatas are assessed for style, beauty, quality, value and a whole host of other categories to decide which piñata has the P-Factor.

The winner of the P-Factor is decided by a panel of five judges. Each of the four contestants gets to choose one judge they want on the panel; the last judge is chosen randomly. Each judge has different likes and dislikes, so choosing a judge that will favor your piñata over the others is the key to winning the contest.

There are 35 total judges to choose from, some of them well-known faces around Piñata Island, others not so well-known. Note that in any given contest, some of the possible judges may be contestants instead, so you will not be able to choose them from the list.

The judges are listed below in the order they are displayed in-game.

P-Factor Judges
Name Judging Criteria Clues
Weedling ??? ???
Leafos Prefers lower level (or lower value) piñatas. Hello there. After all the time I spent drawing and writing about Piñatas for the journal, I have the fondest memories of my first scribbles of those common little Piñatas.
Storkos Prefers Pinatas that can fly. ???
Sprinkling Prefers pinatas that can swim. Water is so much fun to play in! I'm always jealous of those lucky Piñatas who get to swim around in it all day.
Seedos Prefers pinatas that have walked (or flown) a lot. ???
Bart Prefers pinatas that are evolutions of other species. ???
Diggerling ??? Gmph. Those waterborne Piñatas and their fancy ponds and lakes are flooding my tunnels. You can't dig through water, now can you?
Ruffian Minion #3 Selects a judge at random and copies their preferences. ???
Ruffian Minion #1 ??? ???
Ruffian Minion #2 Selects a judge at random and copies their preferences. ???
Ruffian Minion #4 Prefers Pinatas that can be tamed from sours. ???
Doc Patchingo ??? ???
Miss Petula ??? ???
Gatherling ??? ???
Watchling ??? ???
Night Watchling ??? ???
Jardiniero Prefers older pinatas. Many, many years ago, I had the finest garden on Piñata island, and I wonder if any of these here Piñatas are old enough to have visited my famous horticultural paradise?
Willy Builder ??? ???
Dastardos Prefers piñatas which have not been ill. Oh my, oh my, fresh candy! Now, which of these have I not seen before? Even I get sick of hypochondriac Piñatas tempting me over and over again.
Professor Pester ??? ???
Arfur Stout ??? ???
Costolot ??? ???
Fannie Franker ??? ???
Gretchen Fetchum ??? ???
Langston ??? ???
Carrie Chewdini Prefers piñatas that know both of their tricks. ???
Sahari ??? ???
Sparcticus ??? ???
Maxime ??? ???
Nana Urf ??? ???
Jeffe ??? ???
Babochka ??? ???
Eddie Lizard Prefers variented pinatas. I've always been fascinated by colors: the way the Jameleon camoflouges to suit his environment, the kaleidoscope of Flutterscotch, the sunset red of a Bonboon's behind. Variants are none too shabby either!
Bear A. Maracus ??? I ain't gettin' on no blimp. Bear A. Maracus don't like flyin'! You seen a Fizzlybear with wings?
Loather Prefers piñatas that have romanced several times. ???