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The Mine is a building that can be purchased from Willy Builder.

Using the Mine

  • In order to use the Mine a player must hire one or more Diggerlings from Arfur's Inn to dig in the Mine.
  • Eventually the Diggerling will find stuff and it will be thrown from the Mine and into your garden.

To Improve Diggerlings Findings

  • Build the mine close to town or near a Helper House. Diggerlings work less hours when they have to travel further across the garden to get to the mine.
  • Make the Diggerling happy by giving him chocolate coins.
  • Place a Gas Mask accessory on a Candary and direct it to the mine.
List of items that can be found with a Mine
Item Use Value
Chocolate Coins In game money Value of coin
Diamond Can be sold for lots of coins 2750
Dirt Pile Edible by a tame Profitamole 0
Egg Will hatch into a Dragonache 0
Emerald Can be sold for lots of coins 1400
Giant seeds Same as normal seeds, they only look bigger Same as normal seeds
Gold Flakes Can be sold for lots of coins 500
Gold Nugget Can be sold for lots of coins 1050
Sapphire Can be sold for lots of coins 1800

Other information

  • A Lantern O' Loot, bought from Ivor Bargain, increases the value of chocolate coins found in the mine by nearly five times.
  • Gold flakes can be very tiny, as small as a spark from a firebrand, and can easily be hidden in long grass. Look very carefully around the mine and if there's a yellow speck that doesn't disappear, try selecting it.
  • Several of the items found in the mine are hard to see or disappear in deep water.
  • The Mine can be sold, but can not be placed in a crate for pickup by the Post Office.