Langston's Destination Challenges

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Langston Lickatoad is the Pinata Wrangler for Pinata Central. In Trouble in Paradise, he offers the player various challenges in the regions listed below. Langston always has three challenges available, but you can only accept one at a time. There are no time limits on challenges, and you can always cancel a challenge and accept a different one without any penalty.

Each challenge requires the player to particular pinata at full candiosity to a party. Completeing the five challenges within a subregion will unlock new accessories.

Region 1


  1. Sparrowmint
  2. Pretztail
  3. Lickatoad
  4. Shellybean
  5. Cluckles


  1. Blue Bispotti
  2. Robean
  3. Newtgat
  4. Lackatoad
  5. Crowla

United Kingdom

  1. Orange Bunnycomb
  2. Squazzil wearing a red nose
  3. Blue Fudgehog
  4. Badgesicle
  5. Green Barkbark


  1. Blue Candary
  2. Green Flutterscotch
  3. Buzzenge wearing flamenco shoes
  4. Ponocky wearing a bonnet
  5. Yellow Moozipan

Region 2


  1. Mousemallow
  2. Syrupent
  3. Mothdrop
  4. Sherbat
  5. Arocknid


  1. Tartridge
  2. Buzzlegum
  3. Blue Raisant
  4. Badgesicle
  5. Rashberry


  1. Red Lickatoad wearing a harlequin mask
  2. White Ponocky
  3.  ???
  4.  ???
  5.  ???


  1. Purple Flutterscotch
  2. Purple Custacean
  3. S'morepion wearing Howdy Pardner Hat
  4. Blue Reddhott
  5. Mallowolf


  1. Green Lemmoning wearing a weather girl wig and bling teeth and knowing one trick
  2. Blue Crowla
  3. Yellow Moojoo wearing a squazzil hat
  4. Pink Mallowolf wearing a pendant necklace
  5. Orange Fizzlybear wearing Conkerific helmet and combat boots

Region 3


  1. Whirlm
  2. Taffly
  3. Geckie
  4. Tartridge
  5. Newtgat


  1. Mousemallow
  2. White Sweetle
  3. Fudgehog
  4. Kittyfloss
  5. Macaraccoon


  1. Blue Cluckles wearing a non-resident scarf
  2. Yellow Barkbark
  3. Black Hoghurt wearing a tiara
  4. Pink Hootyfruity wearing Kazooie talons
  5. White Bonboon


  1.  ???
  2.  ???
  3.  ???
  4.  ???
  5.  ???

Region 4


  1. Blue Pretztail
  2. Green Squazzil
  3. Profitamole wearing a beaded wig
  4. Yellow Sweetooth
  5. Yellow Moojoo wearing a sethoscope


  1. Purple Custacean
  2. Yellow Cherrapin
  3. Green Salamango
  4. Cocoadile
  5. Pink Fourheads


  1. Orange Twingersnap wearing a knight helmet
  2. White Parmadillo wearing a dellmonty and knowing one trick
  3. Dragumfly wearing a daisy hair flower and robber's mask
  4. Purple Cinnamonkey wearing a diggerling helmet
  5. Parrybo wearing a bling nose ring and bling earrings


  1. Green Doenut wearing a football helmet and sweaty wrist bands and knowing one trick
  2. Blue Vulchurro wearing reading glasses and a chef hat and knowing one trick
  3. Blue Smelba wearing a blackeye patch
  4. Pigxie wearing a retro disco wig, cool shades and handlebar mustache
  5. Eaglair wearing Yee-haw Hat, Yee-Haw Spurs and a sheriff's badge

Region 5


  1. Orange Sweetle wearing a school cap and knowing one trick
  2. Purple Pieena wearing a firefighter's hat
  3. Buzzenge wearing flying goggles and Von Ghoul helmet
  4. Red Cinnamonkey wearing Mr Pants hat
  5. Camello wearing Conga's Top Hat and Toff Monocle


  1. Pink Geckie wearing disco wig and disco shades and knowing one trick
  2. Yellow Raisant wearing sweaty wrist bands and a thunder cut and knowing one trick
  3. Orange Jameleon wearing a beanie cap and diamond choker
  4. Parrybo wearing a pillager's helmet and bushy mustache
  5. White Sarsgorilla


  1. Blue Chocstrich that knows one trick
  2. Pink Zumbug wearing a mermaid necklace and mermaid earrings and knowing one trick
  3. Green Chippopatamus wearing a grunty hat and knowing both tricks
  4. Yellow Limeoceros
  5. Blue Roario wearing a gold combat medal

Region 6


  1.  ???
  2.  ???
  3.  ???
  4.  ???
  5.  ???

Region 7

South Pole

  1. Purple Pengum wearing an ortho hat, geek classes and knows 1 trick
  2. Green Juicygoose wearing a doenut stalker, dastardos scarf and knows 1 trick
  3. Purple Walrus wearing a tussle tricorn, jiggy earings and knows 2 tricks
  4. Yellow Polollybear wearing star earrings and a thunder cut
  5. Juli wearing a fake rosette and a crown