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=TiP - Just for Fun=
=TiP - Just for Fun=
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TiP - Just for Fun

Base value:300 coins
Attack:Mouse Traps
Mousezilla house
A Grandfather clock serves as the Mousemallow's house. A play on the rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock
Housing cost:165 coins
Romance dance

My crazy grandmother always said: (1) Mousemallows are never bigger than the gap under the pantry door, (2) never fall for the "blind" routine, and (3) never trust a Mousemallow wearing pants!

Trouble in Paradise - Just for Fun requirements

Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

Romance requirements

  • Build a Mousemallow house in the garden.

Trick requirements

  • Feed it any seed to have it perform Trick 1
  • Feed it a Sweetle to have it perform Trick 2

Species variants

Species variants for the JFF:Mousezilla
  • Feeding it a bluebell and a daisy changes its color to light blue.
  • Feeding it cheese changes its color to a very bright yellow.
  • Feeding it a daisy and a gooseberry seed changes its color to light green.
Light blue Bright yellow Light green

Wildcard versions

Wildcard versions for the JFF:Mousezilla
  • Complete the romance mini-game in n seconds.
  • Complete the romance mini-game in n seconds, without losing a life.
  • Complete the romance mini-game in n seconds, while collecting all coins, and without losing a life.
Version 1
Unique trait: Horns on head
Version 2
Unique trait: Spines on back
Version 3
Unique trait: Forked tail

JFF:Mousezilla uses

  • Eating 1 Mousemallow helps meet the Syrupent Resident requirements.
  • Eating 1 Mousemallow helps meet the Kittyfloss Romance requirements.

Species conflicts

  • The Mousemallow is low on the Food chain, and will try to run and hide from predators such as Syrupents.
  • The Mousemallow will start fights with a Flutterscotch, if one is nearby.

Happiness tips

  • Nearby Bunnycomb residents increase your Mousemallow's happiness.
  • Try not to water your Mousemallow, as it prefers to stay dry.

Other information

  •  ???

Sour version

A sour Macaraccoon

Banded tail and dark patch around its eyes, it looks like a sneaky thief. To tell the truth, that's an accurate description.

As a sour, it steals eggs from your garden!

  • If you tame it, the JFF:Mousezilla will bring you romance candy.


Appear requirements

  • You are a level 23 gardener or better

Visit requirements

  • You are a level 24 gardener or better

Resident requirements