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|  Lantern O' Loot  
|  Lantern O' Loot  
| align="right" | 220 || 12 || Place this item near your [[mine]] to find more stuff.  
| align="right" | 220 || 12 || Makes coins found in the garden or [[Mine]] worth nearly 5 times their original value.  
|  Red Eye Rainbow  
|  Red Eye Rainbow  

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Ivor Beggar shows up in your garden as your garden become more valuable (at level 12). If you are charitable, he will leave you alone for a while. If you give him enough money (1000 coins) he finds he has enough to become a trader and later will open his shop in the village. Ivor Beggar transforms himself into Ivor Bargain! His store carries many very unusual items, and many more are added as your garden improves.

Item Price Available
at level
Special Mix Fertilizer 9 20 This cheap rainbow fertilizer works on every plant, though the normal fertilizing methods apply.
Glass Watering Can 1,575 12 A clear watering can that never runs out of water.
Everpour 5000 Watering Can 2,700 18 Each pour gives a plant exactly as much as it needs.
One Pour Wonder 4,125 24 One splash and your plant never needs watering again!
Gem Seed 248 34 These can be bought to grow a gem tree.
Joy Candy 83 12 Candy that makes your pinatas very happy.
Gem 360 34 Helps meet Chewnicorn Resident requirements; can be transformed into Rainbow Gem.
Stone Wall 116 18 A sturdier fence.
Oak Gate 154 18 A sturdier gate.
Lantern O' Loot 220 12 Makes coins found in the garden or Mine worth nearly 5 times their original value.
Red Eye Rainbow 616 12 Less fights between pinatas while this item is in your garden(?)
Water Waiver 792 12 Less water needed for watering plants.
Dastardos Scarer 2,310 25 Statue (of Mumbo Jumbo from Banjo-Kazooie) to keep Dastardos away from your garden for longer.
Captains Cutlass 11,000 30 Sword to scare (keep) Ruffians and Professor Pester away from your garden.
Dastardos Head 3,150 20 Shovel head to daze Dastardos while he is in your garden.
Platinum Shovel Handle 1,125 30 Decreases the time it takes to dig a pond.
Chocolate Sniffer 540 12 Shovel head that detects buried coins in your garden. Beeps when stuff is buried underground.