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! '''Species [[variant]]s for the [[Horstachio]]'''
! '''Species [[variant]]s for the [[Horstachio]]'''
| ???
| [[Zumbug]]
<!-- The ??? is created by feeding ??? to a [[???]]. -->
The Zumbug is created by feeding [[Transformation|blackberries]] and [[Transformation|daisies]] to a [[Horstachio]].

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Base value:??? coins
The Horstachio's house is a wagon.
Housing cost:??? coins

Animbassadors: Hudson, Hamilton

Before you can get a Horstachio, you need a Ponocky.

A fine, upstanding citizen of the Piñata community, bigger and stronger then most other steeds. Once you've got a Horstachio, most would agree you're well on the way to earning your full racing stripes.

For those who have mastered other steeds the next challenge is the Horstachio. The Horstachio is bigger, stronger and more robust than the others. Is the Horstachio the best? Well, it’s not so black and white...


Visit requirements

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Romance requirements

Species variants

Species variants for the Horstachio

The Zumbug is created by feeding blackberries and daisies to a Horstachio.

Happiness tips

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