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Trouble in Paradise

This gallery features some of the special or themed Piñata Vision cards that Rare has released. If you're looking for other PV cards, please check out the species articles, browse Category:Pinata Vision cards, or search


Rare has made special Pinata Vision cards to celebrate various holidays. Note that the holiday cards are dated, and will drop something special into your garden, when scanned on their annual date. Scanning any other day of the year just gets you something ordinary. Please read the forum threads for descriptions or pictures of what the cards unlock.

Valentine's Day

Original forum announcement


Original forum announcement


Halloween card forum thread




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See also: Original forum announcement.

Killer Instinct

See also: Original forum announcement.


A set of monster-themed cards was released in celebration of Tokyo Game Show 2008.

Team VP Member

Some of the Pinata Vision cards representing the Trouble in Paradise development team:

See also: Original forum announcement, and a photo of Rashberry's Team VP card set.


Concept art

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Monsieur Quiqui

The Monsieur Quiqui card was produced by Rare as a "Create your own Piñata Vision Card" contest prize:

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Trick stick

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Whirlmspritzer jukebox

The Piñata Vision jukebox card lets the player place the romance dance jukebox in their own garden.

Special Piñata Vision cards allow the player to add tracks to the jukebox’s playlist in exchange for chocolate coins. These are then played in the garden in place of the usual ambiance music.

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