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Fergy Fudgehog


The way Fergy acts, you'd think he was more chicken than Fudgehog. Fergy's nervous, high-strung and prone to panic attacks.

As a professional worrier, Fergy has no peer. The main source of concern occupying Fergy’s feverish, hyperactive imagination: fulfilling his “destiny” as a Piñata. You see, Fergy has no intention of ever attending a party! The thought of smiling children breaking him open to get his goodies is enough to cause Fergy to break out in a cold (fudge-smelling) sweat!

His friends are convinced that Fergy hates the Piñata parties because he is selfishly trying to figure a way he can eat his own treats! But Fergy insists he’s just looking to keep himself and the rest of his friends safe from the Piñata Factory.


Species: Fudgehog


Oh fudge!

Are you pullin' my taffy?