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Trouble in Paradise

Molly, a famous pinata that has visited many different gardens.

A famous piñata is a special pinata that came from Rare. This is the only type of pinata that will unlock the famous pinata achievement.

Famous pinatas don't look any different from ordinary pinatas. Outside of having a different tag (since it wasn't hatched in your garden), it's not really possible to distinguish a special pinata from an ordinary one.

Ways to obtain a famous pinata

  • Trade with someone who will lend or give you one. The TiP Trade forum is a good place to ask or to look for threads where members offer to help others with the achievement.
  • Visit a friend's garden online, and have them unpack a famous pinata while you're present.

Ways you can't unlock the famous pinata achievement

  • It isn't possible to hatch a famous pinata. Although some pinatas are stars when they're born, or become superstars as their value increases, this is not the type of fame that the achievement is looking for.
  • It isn't possible to scan a famous pinata. Using the camera tool to create a Piñata Vision card of a famous pinata, will cause it to lose its Rare fame.

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