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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
*Although the Red Dragonache is only in the TV series, a Red Dragonache can be made if you poke your dragonache with the [[spade]] too much, causing it to glow red with anger and start [[conflict|fights]]. Although the color change is temporary.
*Sometimes a Dragonache can be beat in a fight. If beaten, it will cough out a [[joy candy|joy sweet]].
*Sometimes, a dragonache can be beat in a fight. If beaten, it will cough out a [[joy candy|joy sweet]]
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For answers to commonly asked Dragonache questions, see below.
Base value:11000 coins
Dragonache house
Dragonache doesn't have a house.
Housing cost:none

"There are no such things as Dragonaches! They're imaginary." --Quote from "Chewnicorn in the Garden" episode

Animbassidors: (Unnamed) Red Dragonache

Top of the food chain, rarity scale and league of sheer toughness. Even if your determination does finally unearth a Dragonache egg, no garden can hold more than one of these fearsome, temperamental beasts.

Pronounced: drae'gahn ahsh (rhymes with panache)


Finding a Dragonache egg is a matter of luck and patience. First, you will need a mine in your garden. These are available from Willy Builder at level 26, for 16,500 chocolate coins. You will also need to hire one or more Diggerlings from Arfur's Inn. You are now able to find a Dragonache egg, however it may take a while. See Mine for methods of improving production.

Once obtained, the Dragonache egg will not hatch by itself as other eggs do. Instead, you will need to purchase a Cluckles from Miss Petula's Paper Pets for 1,100 chocolate coins. Then direct (Button a.png) Cluckles to the egg and it will hatch. If you haven't done this before you will earn an achievement. The Dragonache egg cannot be broken.

The resulting Dragonache will only be a baby and it will not go into a cocoon by itself. To mature a baby Dragonache into an adult one, you will need to feed it a bottle of milk, a Snapdragon flower, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott, and a Salamango. Doing so will cause the Dragonache to go into its cocoon.

Species variants

The Dragonache variants are uniquely obtained. Each has it own color, style of teeth, mane, ridges, wings, and tail. The terrain where you hatch its egg will affect the color of the Dragonache. The other features are completely random. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 Dragonache variants.

Image Color Hatched on
Dragonache4.jpg Gold Dried/cracked earth
Dragonache1.jpg Brown On dirt/mud
Dragonache5.jpg Blue In water
Dragonache.jpg Green Short/long grass
Reddragon.png Red Not available in game, only seen on the tv series

Other information

If you decide that your Dragonache is getting in the way, you can dismiss it by selecting it, bringing up the menu (Button x.png), and selecting dismiss. And when you want it back, Gretchen Fetchum is happy to fetch it for you, free of charge!


  • do not help attract any other pinata types to the garden.
  • cannot be sold.
  • cannot become sick.
  • cannot break or be broken.
  • cannot sleep in a house or be romanced.
  • cannot be packed in a crate of any kind.
  • cannot be traded.
  • cannot wear accessories.
  • can only raise one per garden.
  • can not eat life essence sweets.


  • Sometimes a Dragonache can be beat in a fight. If beaten, it will cough out a joy sweet.


Commonly asked questions
Can I have a Dragonache in each of my gardens?

Yes. Each garden can have its own Dragonache, but you'll need to find and hatch an egg in each garden. View thread

How do I make my Dragonache happy?

You can feed it Happy candy or Joy candy. If they are too sad to eat the Joy candy, feed them a piece of Happy candy first. A Dragonache's happiness is important, as a sad Dragonache will start fights with other pinatas. View thread

I have one garden with a Dragonache, but Gretchen won't fetch another.

Gretchen won't fetch another Dragonache, as she would for other species. If you want another Dragonache (for a different garden), you'll have to find and hatch another egg.

What Gretchen can do, is call a Dragonache back to a garden, if you've dismissed it from that garden. (However, she can't call it into a different garden.) View thread

How do I mature a Dragonache?

Feed a young Dragonache a bottle of Milk, a Snapdragon flower, a Dragumfly, a Reddhott and a Salamango. Unlike other piñatas, Dragonaches will not cocoon and mature on their own. In order to mature your Dragonache you must feed it all of the above items. View thread

Is there any point in keeping the mine and Diggerlings once you have your Dragonache?

Diggerlings can also dig up gems and gold from the Mine. View thread

Are the gems and gold valuable?

Yes. Other players tend to buy gems and gold for a fairly good price. You can search the Trade over Xbox Live forum for Gems threads, if you have some gems or gold to sell.

My diggerlings haven't found a Dragonache egg yet. Any tips?

See answer.

My Cluckles won't hatch an egg? What is going on?

See answer.