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Trouble in Paradise

The camera tool in Trouble in Paradise is used to take photos of your garden. These photos can be uploaded to, where they will initially only be viewable by you. You can go to the My Page section of and submit specific photos to the public gallery, where others will be able to view them.

You can also create Piñata Vision cards for pinatas or other items in your garden, although the piñata or item will disappear from your garden. You can share these Piñata Vision cards with friends, who can scan the card with their Xbox Live Vision camera, and the piñata or other garden item will drop directly into their garden.

Diligent photographers can unlock special concept art photos.

Using the camera to create a Pinata Vision card

In order to create a Pinata Vision card, you must:

  • Press Button y.png to select the Capture option immediately after taking a picture using the camera tool. You can't go back to a photo later to 'capture' it. This will remove the pinata or item from your garden.
  • Press Button a.png to Upload a Pinata Vision card. This option is only available if you logged into an online Xbox Live account. You can choose to lock it to a specific gamertag, or you can...
  • Press Button x.png to Share the card. The share option will cost chocolate coins, but it will allow anyone to scan the card.

You can then go to the My Page section of and click on Submissions to view your creation.